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Health and Safety

We take health and safety very seriously here at Alltype and have the accreditation to show for it. We evaluate every job we undertake to look for the risks involved and put procedures in place so that both employee and public remain safe at all times.

When working in areas with the public we will if necessary install some temporary fencing to act as a physical barrier between the them and the works and be in constant communication between us and the employer of what’s happening and what our plans are regarding how the job will be executed.

We have a fully trained NEBOSH accredited health and safety officer who is full time employed on our firm to ensure that health and safety procedures are in place and are working.

Staff Training

All of our staff are fully trained to undertake the jobs they are allocated. We invest a lot into our employees to make sure that they are up to date with current practices but enrolling them on specific training courses to ensure they know good health and safety. This also promotes good workmanship.