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Below are the different types of Metal fencing that we supply and fix each of them come in 2 different finishes Galvanised Only or Galvanised and P.P.C (Polyester Powder Coated) We supply many more different types of fencing, too many to list here, if you have a specification please call us and I'm sure we can help.

Railings Metal Palisade Ridged Panel Mesh Weld Mesh (Rolled)
Chainlink Metal Knee Rail Temporary Fencing Metal Bollards
Anti Climb Extras Handrails Finishes Explained Metal Gates and Barriers
Self-Closing Gates Motor Bike Barrier Kissing Gate Locking Mechanisms
Metal Post Options  


Vertical Bar, Bow Top, Di-bar and Ornate are to name a few of the different types that we supply and erect to ensure security and for decorative purposes also. Horizontal and vertical bars can be made from solid or hollow, round or square section metal and can incorporate finials and/or baskets.

Railings are typically used for the front of a property as they are solid and look great. They are also used in parks around children's play equipment, perimeter fencing and for pedestrian chicanes. We can make them to suit a gradient of a slope and have a radius so they curve with the direction of the fence line.

Metal Palisade

Palisade is our most popular product that we have to offer and for good reasons too. It is strong, hard to climb over especially with the 'Triple Point' top profile option and is cost effective. It is used in most situations as boundary fencing as it is a high security fence.

We supply and fix all types of palisade fencing ranging from the standard galvanised/Powder Coated, 'D' or 'W' section palisade to the modern 'Ultra-Pale' type palisade. Height ranges from anything up to 3m high and tops of vertical pales come in either 'Triple Point' or 'Round 'N' Notched'.

Ridged Panel Mesh Systems/Ball Courts

We have many different types of welded mesh panels, the most common being 'Dulok' Double Wire Panel System which has a mesh size of 200x50mm and has a finish of Galvanised/Powder Coated in most RAL colours. We also have a lot of experience in the erection of ball courts utilising the ridged panel mesh system for a cost effective alternative.

As there are so many different types of mesh to choose from we haven't listed all of them, it is best for you to get in touch and ask for some advice so we can point you in the right direction and the same if you are after a quotation on a specific type of rigid panel mesh that is not specified here.

Weld Mesh (Rolled)

Weld Mesh is very versatile as it is used in all situations of fencing including ball courts, perimeter, sectioning, railway/underground areas and is very cost effective.


Chainlink has been used for many years for all different uses and situations as it is a very versatile type of fencing and is very cost effective. You have a big variety of different gauges of mesh and types of posts.

Its uses include perimeter, schools, railway, sports, industrial, in fact it has been tried and tested in almost all situations.

Metal Knee Rail

Commonly used on perimeters of open spaces and parks areas metal knee rail acts as a barrier for vehicles to gain access in case of motorbikes/cars ripping up the field, getting burnt out and also for unwelcome guests arriving then finding it difficult to get them to move on.

Normally knee rail is low enough for a pedestrian to step over to gain access to the open space and also at points within the fence line we can leave a gap for pedestrian access or a bike barrier to stop the motor bikes getting in.

This is a very popular product and is good at its job.

Temporary Fencing

Standard practice in the construction industry is to have a physical barrier between the work site and the public for health and safety reasons. It is an essential part of any works site and is necessary for the protection of the public. Temporary fencing is the ultimate solution for this need as when the site is completed it can be reused at many other sites after.

Temporary fencing can also be used in other situations such as crowd control, concerts, public events etc...

See also Timber Hoarding.

Metal Bollards

We have a good solid range of bollards to offer from the simple metal bollard to the telescopic lockable bollard all to stop vehicles getting to a certain place, they are also useful instead of knee rail as you can walk between bollards and have to step over knee-rail. If you need a bollard to match an existing one or you have another in mind that is not listed here get in contact with us and I'm sure we will find what you are looking for.

Anti Climb Extras

There are many different types of anti-climb type fencing extras you can have on both new and existing fences all to prevent people from gaining entry to a venerable area whether it be and existing compound which is getting vandalised by people getting over the fence/brick wall, climbing up pipes/poles (CCTV for example), or even a roof of a building. We have both types, anti-climb which is made to look as a visual warning and anti-climb which is pleasing to the eye that do this job of preventing people gaining access.


Handrails are commonly used in public places on staircases and slopes for disabled access. We provide handrails for outside uses which can be made as one welded unit or pieced together with clamping pieces and steel tubing. Both can either be concreted into the ground or fixed with resin anchors and also can be fixed to an existing fence/wall or set in the ground independently.

Finish of hand rails come in either galvanised or galvanised and Polyester Powder Coating which is more preferred to touch in cold weather.

Finishes Explained

In all of our steel work we galvanise unless asked otherwise to prevent rust therefore prolonging the life of the fence dramatically. An extra option then after this process is to have a P.P.C finish (Polyester Powder Coated) and this comes in our standard green - RAL:6005 or Black RAL:9005.

We can also provide our fencing in any colour you require from the RAL chart.

Metal Gates and Barriers

Gates, Barriers and Height Restrictors

We cover the full range of gate styles and size's from 1 metre wide single to large sliding gates all of which can be electronically operated if specified.

Our expertise in barriers covers any type of height restrictor, gallows gate and our most impressive 'Monster Barrier'.

Self-Closing Gates

All of our steel gates we provide can be manufactured upon request to have a self-closing facility by making the gate into a solid 'H' frame and installing a hydraulic self closing mechanism into the ground. This is perfect for any area where it is important to keep the gate closed for example in a play area to help prevent children escaping when others are coming in and out or just to make sure a site more secure.

The mechanism is fully adjustable so that it slows down when near the closed position so that little fingers are not damaged if caught, not the same for old type spring loaded self closing gates for which there is no control. As it is hidden underground, vandalism is kept to a minimum and it is very durable.

Existing gates can also be fitted with a heavy duty hydraulic ram to make self closing

Motor Bike Barrier

Motor Bike Barriers are a great way of deterring motorcyclists on public walkways as part of a fence in problem areas. It is designed for a person to walk through with ease but stop a motorbike in its tracks. Some are especially designed for disabled and wheelchair access also. We also install other types of motor bike barrier as listed below.

Kissing Gate

A tried and tested way of deterring motorbikes is the trusty kissing gate area where people with disabilities are in consideration as it creates an area for a wheelchair to get into and gain access this is also the case for prams.

Locking Mechanisms

Metal Post Options (The Problem Solvers)

Metal Posts
We will provide the standard posts that correspond with its particular type of fencing. We have added optional extras which are given in each that has an extra that you can choose to upgrade from the normal specification for more security, to suit the situation and to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye or just to stand out from the crowd!

Cranked Posts
If your post cannot be fixed directly below the railing for instance is situated on top of an existing wall we can manufacture the post to have a 'crank' in it so that we will dig down the side of the wall therefore eliminating the unsightly/costly process of breaking the wall and re pointing.

Base Plates
If your site has a strong enough foundation we would use base plates and fix using resin anchors as this is cost effective due to time saved not breaking out the foundation.

Back Hung Gate Posts
All gate are made as standard so that in most situations the gate leafs open just over 90 degrees from closed position. In some cases this is not enough and customers require the leaf to be opened right back on to the fence at 180 degrees.