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Extra types of fencing that are not the 'run of the mill'; every now and again there is call for fencing in special circumstances and these are a few of them.

Motor Bike Barrier

Motor Bike Barriers are a great way of deterring motorcyclists on public walkways as part of a fence in problem areas. It is designed for a person to walk through with ease but stop a motorbike in its tracks. Some are especially designed for disabled and wheelchair access also.

Amphibian Fencing

A type of fencing you are seeing more and more in areas where the protection of amphibians like the great crested newt is important commonly near roads usually made from Polypropylene Panels fixed to either a wooden or metal post/stake depending on what level of durability you require.


If you have an existing fence line which you can see through and you want to reduce visibility we can install some netting to assist with this problem. If for example you have a school and you don't want people staring through the fence but you don't want to completely block out the view this is perfect for you. Netting is also good to stop objects going through the fence.

Shark Tooth

To be specified when ordering gates or we can weld a strip on top of existing gate this type of spiking is to make intruders think twice before trying to enter your site as it looks mean!

Timber Decking

We have much experience with timber decking and have skilled workers who can install it quickly with an excellent finish. All timber is CCA pressure treated. Click here for more on Decking

Wall Top

Designed to sit on top of a wall to help prevent people climbing or sitting the wall is a alternative to most type of anti-climb fencing which can give a better look to area instead of the 'prison' feel of other types can leave.