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Generally the timber has either a sawn or prepared finish and then is pressure treated for long life in 2 different colours, brown or green.

Closed Board Fencing Timber Palisade Timber Kneerail
Post and Wire/Mesh Post and Rail Hit and Miss
Cleft Chestnut Timber Bollards Trellis
Timber Gates / Options Gates 5-Bar Timber Field Gate 5-Bar Metal Field Gate

Closed Board Fencing

A very popular type of timber fencing and has been for many years, closed board fencing is most common in residential areas and schools due to the element of privacy you get from having no "see through gaps" between pales. It is strong, cost effective and looks great.

Timber Palisade

Used basically everywhere for sectioning and perimeter fencing in all situations, a traditional type of fencing that looks good anywhere. Timber/Concrete Panel Systems Timber panel systems consists of a slotted concrete posts with prefabricated panels which fit between the posts. This can reduce the time it takes to fix the fencing as it is prefabricated therefore saving you money.

Timber Kneerail

Commonly used on perimeters of open spaces and parks areas wooden knee rail acts as a barrier for vehicles to gain access in case of motorbikes/cars ripping up the field, getting burnt out and also for unwelcome guests arriving then finding it difficult to get them to move on. Normally knee rail is low enough for a person to step over to gain access to the open space and also at points within the fence line we can leave a gap for pedestrian access or a bike barrier to stop the motor bikes getting in.

Post and Wire/Mesh

Very cost effective fencing usually fixed around large fields which can be supplied and installed to prevent the access of animals, the different mesh types are suited to the different types of animals you want to keep in or out. There is a very quick turnaround of the whole job as in most situations the intermediate posts are driven into the ground meaning we don't have to dig saving time.

Post and Rail

Commonly used as perimeter fencing to fence off large field areas including farms, motorways and open spaces, post and rail is tried and tested and trusted by a huge number of people. Hording When the safety of the public is paramount on a work site timber hording is essential. It acts as a solid barrier between them and the worksite and also acts as a front to the works site so advertisement can also be taken advantage of. It is also used commonly around derelict/dangerous buildings to stop intruders getting in as there are no footholds.

Hit and Miss

A very strong type of fencing quite similar to timber palisade but it is boarded both sides which give very limited view through the fence. Situations where hit and miss fencing is used includes schools and areas where privacy and security is a factor but still wanting the timber look rather than going for a metal fence.

Cleft Chestnut

Semi-Permanent fencing usually used as a temporary measure to stop people gaining access to an area and will come down and maybe reused again.

Timber Bollards

Can be used for similar situations as Timber Kneerail, bollards are great to keep cars away from areas that you don't want them to be and still allowing people to walk through easily without a fuss.

Timber Gates and Options Gates

For all the timber fencing we can supply and install single or double leaf gates which will match in with the type of fencing we are erecting, this may include the gate having a steel frame clad with timber for strength and durability. If you require a gate to match the existing fencing you have on site we will be able to manufacture a suitable gate.

5-Bar Timber Field Gate.

Commonly used in the countryside for an entrance into a field a 5-bar Field gate comes in all required sizes as they are made to measure at no extra cost.

5-Bar Metal Field Gate.

As Above but in metal, as it is used in the same situation as the above it seams fit to have this gate here as it is generally used in the same situation


To add height to a new or existing fence trellis is the answer which looks good fits easily and doesn't make you feel like the fence is too high